Christian/Contemporary Music

Alicia's favorite type of music to play is Christian contemporary music. She enjoys playing violin with various groups, including Mike Westendorf's band. One of her favorite songs to play is "At a Time" by Mike Westendorf. She is able to make up music "on the spot," and she enjoys making up her own harmony lines. She also enjoys playing Christian contemporary music as a soloist.


Alicia Michelle improvised the violin part to perform this beautiful piece by Mike Westendorf with his band at Lifest 2013.


Mike Westendorf invited Alicia Michelle to play this lively piece with his band at Lifest 2013, a Christian music festival.

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While on stage, Alicia Michelle made up a fiddle part for the song "Do Not Worry" in her first concert appearance with the Christian group Koine.

During Alicia Michelle's first concert with Koine, she also improvised a violin accompaniment for the final song, "Savior, Again to Thy Dear Name We Raise."

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