Musical Meditations

Alicia Michelle is preparing special worship services in a format she calls “Musical Meditations." During these video and music-based worship services, the law and gospel are clearly taught using readings about the life of Jesus. After each reading, the congregation hears music composed specifically to reflect that reading. At the same time worshipers view on a screen pictures and messages designed to help individual worshipers consider deeply what that aspect of Jesus’ life means to them. It is Alicia Michelle’s prayer that each worshiper will grow in appreciation of what Jesus has done for us and also in enthusiasm for sharing the message of Jesus’ love.

The first "Musical Meditations" service available is called "God's Plan for You." Instrumental music titles in this service:

“What We Deserve”
“The Conception of the Christ”
“Tempted in Every Way”
“The Sacrifice”
“The Empty Tomb”
“You Are My Witnesses”
“The End of the Age”

The second service available, entitled “Names of God,” focuses on a few key names used to describe God in the Old and New Testaments. Examining the names God has chosen for himself helps us gain a better understanding of who he really is. The format of the service is similar to “God’s Plan for You.” Each section is composed of a reading, music for meditation, and a congregational hymn or song.

Both “Musical Meditations” services are put together and presented by Spirited Strings. You can read more about the musicians at


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