Alicia Michelle with her erhu (Chinese violin) -- photo by Emily Ebeling

Zànměi is a group of WELS musicians who pair familiar hymns with Asian tunes played in the styles of the countries where those tunes originated. Their Bàifú (拜服), which means “worship service” in Chinese, is written especially to encourage gospel outreach throughout the world and is especially appropriate for mission festivals and similar services. Zànměi is also able to add variety to any worship service using a variety of hymns and Asian tunes. In addition to the violin, viola, cello, and piano, you may hear the following Asian instruments played by the Zànměi musicians: dizi, sáo, sênh tiền, pipa, yangqin, húlúsī, Japanese drum, chime-bells, janggu, guzheng, erhu, and kimbala. Some Zànměi musicians may also wear traditional clothing from various Asian countries.


Some of the members of Zànměi with traditional Asian clothing and instruments.


Zànměi leading a congregation in singing "Hark! The Voice of Jesus Crying"


Zànměi musicians accompany a hymn from China during worship


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